The BraaiGrid 'Wailing Wall'

All messages/criticisms/whinges/moans and bitches posted on this wall are posted with the very best intentions, and in the interests of safer, more economical and more enjoyable utilisation of our beloved Land-Rovers. If any individual or company feels that they have been maligned by anything posted on this wall, they should use the link below to register their displeasure with the editors. The editors will then retire to their deliberation chamber, take legal opinion, argue endlessly, spend sleepless nights, and then take action with the speed of a leopard leeping onto a fleeing gazelle, ripping and tearing with it's mighthy claws and razor-sharp teeth... uh, where was I? Oh, yeah. They will then either allow right of reply, and post a relevant response on the wall, or under advisement, remove the offending article altogether.

Sample whinge....

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