Coo-coo-ca-choo's slow evolution
coocoocachoo 001.jpg
An ordinary series windscreen frame???
coocoocachoo 002.jpg
Nope! Lengthened by 100mm...
coocoocachoo 003.jpg
Turned sideways in the workshop, tanks fitted, wheels on
coocoocachoo 004.jpg
The full rear superstructure frame
coocoocachoo 005.jpg
All battery cables (250A welding cables) and hoses connected.
coocoocachoo 006.jpg
Fuel valve and dual Facet fuel pumps fitted
coocoocachoo 008.jpg
The go-karts for the axles (to manuever around the workshop with the superstructure on)
coocoocachoo 009.jpg
Wiring and plumbing.