Land Rover logos for Nokia CellPhones

Create your own Land Rover Logo for your Nokia Cell Phone

Nokia Cell Phones allow you to create an Operator Logo, which is a small picture which permanently displays on your Cell Phone. Be aware that once you have put in an Operator Logo, you can replace it, but never be rid of it i.e. it is a permanent feature.

Vodacom has a partner called ITouch who have a web page where you can create your own logo. You then phone the provided number, and download the logo to your phone. The logo is then deleted from their site so you cannot share it with others.

As far as I am aware, this works solely in the South African Vodacom network.

NOTE: that you can download a logo and view it, and then discard it without enabling this feature on your phone.

Go to their logo creation page to create your own logo. They provide a little java applet in which you create your logo. Here are some Land Rover related templates which you can use as starting point.