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Trip Logos

We are having a number of logos made up on stickers which we will display on our vehicles during the trip. As well as that, Sun Microsystems (in addition to one of their business partners, MGX) have offered us some sponsorship, and we will be displaying their logos as well.

Darryl, Georgi and Clem have been making up some logos for us. One will be a large graphic, suitable for the side of the truck, and perhaps on the back of T-shirts. One will be smaller, and will be suitable for caps, and smaller stickers that can remain on the vehicle permanently as a reminder of the trip. The larger graphic may fill this role as well.

So far we have the following logos:
Large Graphic
Small Logo

Please post any comments to the list.

Dedicated Mailing List created

A dedicated mailing list has been created for this trip. If you are travelling with us or if you feel that you have something to contribute to the trip planning, then subscribe by sending mail to Paul Oxley, with a SUBJECT of 'Subscribe: Liuwa <your e-mail address>'. If you are not a current participant, you will need to explain to Paul how you can contribute, since this is a private list. However, genuine contributers are very welcome.


In June 2001 there will be a total eclipse of the sun. This eclipse will be visible in the Southern Hemisphere, in Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Since the Braaigridders are prone to rash decisions, it was decided that we go take a look.

The two most favourable countries to visit in order to see the eclipse are Zambia and Zimbabwe. Some of the 'gridders fancy the shorter Zimbabwe trip, while others prefer the longer Zambian option.

These pages are dedicated to the Zambian trip, while Olaf Wagner has created a page for the Zimbabwe trip.

The Zambian EclipseGrid June 2001.

Paul Oxley and Hennie Rautenbach provided the inspiration to choose the Liuwa Plains National Park as the destination within Zambia. The trip will quite overshadow :-) the eclipse itself. In fact it promises to be an epic trip, which will not soon be forgotten.

Paul Oxley has graciously accepted the role of Expedition Leader (Fearless), since his main claim to fame (besides his famous wit and charm) is his experience gained in operating commercial tours throughout Southern Africa.

Proposed Itinerary

Day Description
16 June. Day 1: Drive to Nata Lodge, Bots.
17 June. Day 2: Drive To Zambezi River Lodge (Caprivi Nam)
18 June. Day 3: Drive to Maziba Bay Lodge (Near Sitoti Zam)
19 June. Day 4: Drive to Kalabo via the floodplains route. (Adventure)
Stay overnight
20 June. Day 5/6/7/8: Drive into Liuwa and start working our way as far north as possible and take in the eclipse and savour the magic of Liuwa
24 June. Day 9: Spend a night back at Kalabo and stock up with fuel if necessary.
25 June. Day 10: Start early for long slog back to Maziba Bay.
26 June. Day 11: Drive through to Chobe Safari Lodge in Bots
27 June. Day 12: Drive to Francistown.
28 June. Day 13: Drive back home.

The Participants

Please note: that in this table, I am listing the very worst case fuel consumption/range figures. This is in order to calculate the fuel requirement from Katima up north and back again. I have not allowed consumption figures better than 4km/litre (or 25litre/100Km) for petrol motors, and 6.5Km/Litre (or 15litre/100) for diesels. On the better roads south of Katima, the diesels especially will do much better than these figures indicate.

These figures have been used to calculate the amount of fuel we need to carry with us/buy in Zambia, during the toughest section of the trip. These calcs are on the Fuel calculations page.

Name Number of
Vehicle Fuel
Diesel or
Worst case
Paul & Lynette Oxley 2 Adults 88" SIII 330 P 4 1320 Nil
Willem Coetsee 2 Adults 130 Tdie 250 D 6.5 1500 Nil
Andries & Adelle Uys 2 Adults 130 Tdie 250 D 6.5 1500 Nil
Clem & Jacqui Daniel 3 Adults Disco V8 210 P 4 840 120litres
Heine De Villiers 1 Adult 2.8i 110 340 P 4 1360 Nil
Johan van Staden 3 Adults SII 246 P 4 984 80litres
Raoul & Robyn Smit 2 Adults Land-Rover TDie 240 D 6 1440 Nil
Riaan Botes Land-Rover TDie PUP 220 D 6 1320 Nil
So it seems we require only a single 200/210litre drum of petrol extra.

Where to

Liuwa Plains sounds fantastic. Hennie Rautenbach wrote a trip report after he visited the Liuwa Plains National Park in June 2000. It is well worth reading, and gives an insight as to what sort of conditions we can expect. Our itinerary is very similar to his, except that we plan not to break any vehicles, and not to get lost.

Where is the Liuwa Plains National Park? Look at the following map of Western Zambia and you'll see the park tucked up in the North Western corner. The left side of the map coincides with the Angolan border.

Bad News!!

We got some bad news when we discovered that the track of the Eclipse does not intersect the park at all. If we want to experience totality (that portion of the eclipse where the sun is completely covered - typically lasts a few minutes) for more than a second or two, then we will need to travel about 70 Km north of the northern border of the park.

After some discussion, it was decided that we will not alter our travel plans, except to go as far north as we can. We will probably have to stay within the borders of the park, as the northern boundary of the park is a river, and we are unsure as to whether this can be crossed, or if we will be allowed to cross by the park ranger. We will attempt to find out as much as we can before we leave. However, we fully intend to enjoy our stay in the park, even if we do not get to see the eclipse in it's fullest glory.

What's next in the Planning phase?

Over the next few months we'll need to do whatever needs to be done on our individual vehicles to make sure that they are up to the task. Don't leave this to the last minute, 'cos if you suddenly need to hoick out the gearbox, you want to 'run it in' for a few weeks prior to departure.

You also need to ensure (more or less now) that your passports are in order, and will not expire in the middle of Zambia.

In April/May we can start discussing what we need to take with us. i.e. our exhalted Expedition Leader will help us to decide things like:

In the very near future we will have the first planning session, along with the Zimbabwe participants. We will schedule technical prep days sometime soon as well.

Contact Information

For suggestions/corrections to this page, please contact me Vince Duggan

For more information on the trip itself, it is best to post your questions on the South African Landrover Owners Forum (za-lro). If you are not already subscribed, then you can subscribe here.

You can also contact our Expedition Leader Paul Oxley

Further Information

The best site on the web for eclipse information is Fred Espenak's eclipse site. There is an abundance of information here on the June 2001 Total eclipse.

Also take a look the page dedicated to the second of the two EclipseGrid trips, the Zimbabwe EclipseGrid. Olaf has put together more information on the eclipse, as well as some good maps of both Zimbabwe and Zambia.