Reasons to own a LandRover

You can open a beer with the mounting of the grill.

You can always find the way home because of the oil drops on the street.

To get waved at by fellow addicts.

The word 'Landrover' says it all when you are late again

To go where no jeep has gone before...

It contains 100 percent user servicable parts! -

I love checking the petrol and filling up the oil.

The bumpy ride makes my girlfriend horny

Your girlfriend will know that you have no time for another girl.

In a Land Rover, the other vehicle is your crumple zone

In the event of a nuclear war, you can roll your melted window down and ask'where did everybody go?'

If I wanted to drive a Jeep I'd of Bought one.

For the sheer look of enjoyment when you give your girlfriend the keys (once a month)!!!

Hey Jannie, you've been working out? You look good!" "No, I drive a Land Rover."

Sometimes I don't understand women, but I always understand my landy...

In South Africa, taxis grant you immediate respect on the road!

Landrovers are better than sex! (they're a great ride and they dont moan afterwards).

Land Rover donīt care if you buy Land Rover magazines !!!

A Land Rover doesn't leak oil, it marks it's territory