Pictures taken at the 2001-03-03 braai-grid !

Here are a few pictures that show off some of the activities that took place, and some of the participants, that joined the braai-grid held at Vince and Susan Duggan's smallholding near Kyalami. While we were showered in hospitality, able volunteers taught us the basics of tire-removal and repair.

Eric Wolstencroft showing us how easy it is to take your "tube" out. :-)

ZA-LRO Poster of the month winner. Jim Attril. Greg Mollink and Dave Immelman (cut off, sorry) showing their respect.

Phillip Sprules, Jacque Fernihough, Jewel, Heine de Villiers and Ronel finding the lecture humorous.

Eric, with a fairly large audience at hand decided to "brag" a little. Ronel and Paul Oxley weren't impressed. :-)

Eric, well on a roll now, indicates a problem most women suffer from.

From l to r. Francois and Lydia van Driel, Jacques Pienaar, Willem Coetsee and Sats Oosthuizen. All intrigued by Eric's superb skill.

Even Vince's horses couldn't stay away...

OK, not all the horses had their priorities right. This one is obviously Vince's horse.

There were lots and lots of weird characters, Here's Alan and Brian Cotton.

Francois van Driel's 300tdi H/T.

Heine de Villiers' Series III, now driven by Peter Frost

Jacque Fernihough's Ser. III parked next to Vince Duggan's 110 V8.

Jim Attril's 300tdi 110 S/W.

Sats Oosthuizen's td5 90.

Willem Coetsee's 300tdi 130.

Greg Mollink's 3.9 V8 Discovery.

Phillip Sprules' (*new* and *very* hot 4.6 V8) 110 S/W.

Ronel Rautenbach, obviously fascinated by all the goings on. Bored, ? Nah... Never. :-)

Olaf Wagner (seated), discussing the merits of owning a Landy with Hennie Rautenbach (standing).

Lots and lots of Landy's in attendance. Will the grass ever grow back there ?

Francois, Jim and Paul Oxley.

Heine capturing it all on film for the benefit of future generations.

Eric, not having had enough yet, proving that it is just as easy with a tubeless tire.

Satisfied with the outcome of the day, Vince (in red) lounges back...