Welcome to the Virtual BraaiGrid!

The Virtual BraaiGrid is a portal into another world; a world of Land-Rovers and lunacy. A world where the really great things are still admired. Great vehicles that have more character than any machine welded piece of scrap. Great people (men, women, children, and Vince Duggan) who believe that dragging a twenty year old machine up, down and over obstacles is a relaxing and enjoyable use for their weekends. BraaiGridders have a true never-say-die attitude, and will rally around to help a friend (or laugh their asses off when he gets slammed on apple sours at night and falls about the campsite). A BraaiGridder will happily spend an afternoon in the baking sun lending moral support to a fellow who's vehicle has broken down in the middle of a trail, and will keep the luckless fellow's spirits up by offering worthless advice and generally getting in the way.

This portal operates on the same don't-fix-it-till-it-breaks-down principle as our Land-Rovers and when maintenance is required, the preferred method is of the baling-wire-and-fencing-pliers type.

On a serious note:

A fellow BraaiGridder, Alan Drodskie, was murdered by bandits in Ethiopia earlier this year whilst on an overland trip with his wife and children en route to Libya. His Land-Rover was abandoned in Gonder, Ethiopia.

The BraaiGrid sprang into action and ensured that by the time Alan's wife, Corrie, got back to South Africa, there was money available for her to use in her trust account. The BraaiGrid principally, if not solely, has been responsible for raising a significant amount of money which has made the recovery and repatriation of Alan's (now Corrie's) Land-Rover possible.

Donations have been forthcoming from Land-Rover enthusiasts and other overland travellers from all over the globe. A couple of suppliers of products have even donated goods which have been or are being auctioned off with the proceeds going to the Drodskie Help Fund.

A link to the auction site for the offroad trailer is at Novelle Trailer Auction

The trailer itself is described more fully at Trailer Details

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